Thursday, February 24, 2011

About URL's of Firefox

Firefox has Several tips, tricks, and tweaks. All these are really helpful for optimizing the browser to suit your daily needs at the time of surfing Internet. By applying these tips, tricks, hacks and tweaks, you can easily learn the keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, screen optimization techniques, start-up Firefox faster, decrease RAM for Firefox, bookmarking techniques, tabs navigation, Firefox Easter eggs etc. Just use these tips, hacks and tweaks to get the best performance.

Firefox:"About" URLs Tips and hidden tricks.
There are a few special URLs, which begin with "about:" that you can type into the URL bar of Firefox.

    * about: — The same page as "Help -> About".

    * about:about — Lists all these about: URLs (Mozilla Suite only).

    * about:blank — A blank page. Useful for setting as your homepage.

    * about:buildconfig — Reveals details about your Mozilla build options.

    * about:cache — Displays cache statistics.

    * about:cache?device=memory — Lists memory cache entries.

    * about:cache?device=disk — Lists disk cache entries.

    * about:cache-entry — Shows information about a cache entry. Used in about:cache links. Requires parameters.

    * about:config — GUI for modifying user preferences (prefs.js).

    * about:credits — The list of contributors to the Mozilla projects.

    * about:logo — Displays the Mozilla logo (Mozilla Suite only).

    * about:license — shows the Mozilla Public License and the Netscape Public License for the piece of software. ( Only in products based on Gecko 1.8 ).

    * about:mozilla — The famous Book of Mozilla.

    * about:plugins — Lists all your plugins as well as other useful information.

    * about:robots Just Information about robots .. a firefox 3 Easter egg

    * about:crashes - Shows Firefox crash reports that you've submitted

In Firefox 3.1b3 additional url has been added..

    * about:privatebrowsing -  Browse safer as firefox doesn't remembers cookies, history etc..

    * about:sessionrestore   -  Restores the previous sessions as browser gets crashed.

In Firefox 3.6:

   * about:support - Defines the extensions and User configurations and also helps to backing up your Firefox Profile.

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