Thursday, February 24, 2011

Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox Bookmarks

The Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar is handy tool for quick access to your favorite sites. But what if you run out of space on the toolbar? You could use the "more" arrow to display more items, but that would defeat the purpose of a "personal toolbar" - as some call the Bookmarks Toolbar -and that is to have instant access to your bookmarks.

Rename Firefox Bookmarks

To rename your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar:

   1. Click Bookmarks and then click Organize Bookmarks. Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B

   2. Click Bookmarks Toolbar in the navigation pane on the left.

   3. Select a bookmark in the right pane.

   4. Click the bookmark's title three consecutive times in the Name field to highlight its whole title. If the title is a single word, double-click it instead.

   5. Type a shorter name for the bookmark, such as an acronym. Example: "G" for Google.

   6. De-select the text. Firefox automatically updates the bookmark name.

   7. Select another bookmark and repeat until all bookmarks are renamed.

   8. Click the Firefox icon in the window title bar and click Close. Or use the shortcut Alt+F4.

When you look at your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar now, you should see your bookmarked sites with their new names.Hopefully you now have more space in your personal toolbar for more favorite items.

Firefox Bookmarks Tips

   1. You can rearrange the bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar.
   2. You can rename and rearrange your other bookmarks in Firefox.
   3. You can drag and drop URLs to the Bookmarks Toolbar.
   4. Website icons help distinguish bookmarks from one another.

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