Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Access Google Calendar Quickly in Firefox

Usually if you need to add an event to your Google Calendar you have to open it in a new tab or window to access it. Once in a while is fine but if you have to do it often every day then no, not fine at all. Time to get Calendar access without leaving the tab that you happen to be currently viewing

Once you install the extension that is all that you need to do. You just need to make certain that your “Status Bar” is visible.
This is what the “Status Bar Icon” looks on it to open your Google Calendar and click on it again to close it. 

For our example we were viewing Facebook, definitely something to keep in mind for the upcoming year. As you can see our calendar popped up very nicely over top the current web page so that we could add the new event. The “shaded border” helps you keep focused on your calendar instead of things in the background.

Note: You can resize the “Popup Window” by grabbing the lower right corner and expanding it to the desired size

There is our new event all added in. This extension really makes working with Google Calendar

To download the add-on for Google Calendar Click here

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