Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Add a Cache Clearing Button to Firefox

While emptying your browser’s cache may not be something that you need to worry with often or at all there are times when clearing it can be helpful. The Empty Cache Button extension lets you have instant on-demand cache clearing in Firefox.

Some reasons why you might want or need to clear your browser’s cache:

  1. Clear out older  versions of images, etc. from your favorite websites
  2. Free up disk space
  3. Clearing the cache may help fix browser behavior issues
  4. Help protect privacy 
To be safe side from the privacy issue, it is always recommended to clear your browsing data. In general, we do this from Tools -> Clear Recent History. But this extension allows you to clear the browser cache in a single click from the browser toolbar. Clearing the cache also cut down memory usage. Here is the way to go on.

  • Download and install the Empty Cache Button in your Firefox browser. It is advisable to install the latest version of the extension.

  • Restart Firefox to complete the successful installation.
  • To add the Clear Cache button in your browser toolbar, right click on your browser toolbar and select “Customize” option.

  • A Customize Toolbar window will be open. You can notice the entire list of icons there.
  • Drag the Empty Cache Button icon in your browser toolbar

  • Now You can easily clear your browser cache with a single click on the empty cache icon.

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