Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Add a Quick Restart Function to Firefox

How to Add a Quick Restart Function to Firefox

Are you frustrated with having no quick and easy way to restart Firefox after modifying the about:config settings or a similar action? Now you can with a little bit of extension magic.

Installing QuickRestart extension

  • Click ”Add to Firefox” button and choose “Install Now”.
  • Restart Firefox window.

After Installing the Extension

Installing the QuickRestart extension is straightforward with no options to worry about. So, what do you get with the extension? Two quick and easy ways to restart Firefox. They are “File Menu” menu command that you can select and the appropriate keyboard command “Ctrl+Alt+R”.

If you are tired of having to restart Firefox the traditional way, then QuickRestart is an extension that you will not want to ever be without.

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