Friday, February 11, 2011

How to install Adobe Flash Palyer on Mozilla Firefox

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox
Most of the of the web pages (more than 66%) on the Internet have Flash Content. Some have little or some have less flash contents; some of them are totally based on Flash. So if you want to have fun watching videos on YouTube (Although YouTube has planned to use HTML 5, in that case you can enjoy videos without any need of flash player; but at least few years is required to implement this plan) or surfing websites on the web, a flash player is needed at the client end i.e browser. So after reading this post you can easily install Adobe Flash Player for firefox with a couple of clicks. Adobe Flash player is available for windows, Linux and Mac OSX, Solaris, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android.
Steps for installing Adobe Flash Player
  • Download Adobe Flash from it’s official Website (Click on the link given below to open the web site and click Download now button).
Download Adobe Flash Player
  • It will prompt you to save a file, click on Save File and once the download is complete open the downloaded file.
  • Close Firefox window, click on Agree and Install Button to begin the installation procedure. It will hardly take a couple of minutes.
  • After completion of installation, click on DONE button and restart firefox.
Congratulations, you are done installing Adobe Flash Player on Firefox! To verify go to YouTube and play a video.

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