Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Set Firefox Parental Controls

How to Set Firefox Parental Controls

The internet is full of all sorts of things children should not be looking at. As a parent, it is your responsibility to prevent your child from reading or seeing things you do not want them viewing. If you use Mozilla Firefox, setting Firefox parental controls is the best way to control what your child can access online. Here's how to set Firefox parental controls.

Firefox does not have parental controls built into the base software package that you install on a computer. So, in order to set Firefox parental controls, you need to download an add-on to Firefox that will allow you to set parental controls.

Head over to Mozilla's Add-On website (Click here to open Mozilla's Add-On website). Search "Parental Controls" and choose the Firefox parental controls add-on of your choice. Some recommended ones are: ProCon Latte, Glubble, Suricate, and FoxFilter.
Install the add-on of your choice. Depending on which filter you choose, the method will be different to set Firefox parental controls. I will use ProCon Latte as an example. After you install, go to "Tools" menu and select "ProCon".

From here, you can set which explicit material you would like to block. For ProCon, go to "Main Filter" and check "Enable Explicit Material Filter". You can also edit the filter to block whatever you wish to be blocked.

 Once you have set Firefox parental controls, your child's internet experience should be a safe one!

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