Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Firefox tips

How to Enable Cookies in Firefox

Many websites require cookies to function properly and will block you from entering if they can't set cookies. If websites report that cookies are disabled or if you are unable to log into websites, here is a tutorial for you.
Firefox and Mozilla Suite have settings to enable or disable cookies. Open the Cookie Manager and make sure your Mozilla application is set to allow cookies from the site, as follows:

Steps to Follow

  • Open "Tools -> Options -> Privacy". 

  • In Firefox 3.5 and above, select "Use custom settings for history" in the drop-down menu, if another option is shown. Make sure "Accept cookies from sites" is checked In Firefox 3.0 and above, make sure that "Accept third-party cookies" is also checked. 
  • Open the "Exceptions" list and remove any entries for the site, if found, with the status "Block".

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