Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Disable Auto Scroll in Firefox

To scroll by dragging the mouse pointer beyond the edge of the current window or screen. It is used to move around in the webpage.So you try to middle click on a link on a page and miss the link. then the round “Auto Scroll” icon shows up and suddenly the page is moving around and scrolling all by itself. It may drive you crazy while browsing.Here is a tutorial to disable autoscroll.

Steps to Follow

  • Open Firefox
  • Select Tools>Options
  • Go to Advanced tab/button

  • Then  uncheck the “Use autoscrolling” box.


  1. This checkbox is dead in Firefox 14, on Mac OS X. It's unchecked, although auto scrolling is actually on. And it won't turn to checked when clicking on it.

  2. To my previous comment: The All-in-one Gestures extension overrides this Firefox setting with its own setting. That was the reason for the problem. So my previous comment was false alarm.