Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Enable Auto refresh in Firefox

Firefox isn't just a web browser. There are almost infinite hacks and tweaking to make your web browsing more pleasant and productive. One of this situations is auto refreshing a page. You may want to do this to refresh a page that doesn't automatically refresh, such as your favorite sport's team page. Or if you are looking to keep your web session active and having to log back in. There is an extension that does this.

Steps To Follow
  • We need to install an addon ReloadEvery. To download ReloadEvery Click here
  • Click on Add to Firefox
  • Click on Install Now (this check just ensures that you trust the content to be downloaded)
  • A dialogue box will come up asking you to restart Firefox. Go ahead and click "Restart Firefox"
  • Once Firefox launches, you will notice a down arrow next to your tab. Click that and this will give you the option of adjusting the auto refresh for the current tab you are in. You can choose to enable or disable auto refresh for all your tabs
To apply auto refresh to a specific tab. 
  • Click on the tab and right click any where on the web page. 

  • Then click "Reload Every." This will be the same options you have when you click the refresh drop down.
By: Ezfreesms

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