Friday, April 1, 2011

Firefox 4 Tips

Firefox 4: Set Master Password to Protect Your Saved Passwords

You can add another level of security in the new Firefox 4 using the Master Password feature. If you tell Firefox to remember all your passwords, then anybody using your computer can access them. With a Master Password, one would have to enter a password before being able to view your saved passwords.If other people use your computer this is the biggest issue. Remember, people can also gain access to your computer remotely and view passwords as they are easily viewable with Firefox. With the master password you get an added level of security that should help you sleep better at night.

Steps to Follow

  • Click the Firefox button, and go to Options > Options.

  • Go to the Security Tab and check off the box that says “Use a master password”

  • A screen will pop up and ask for a master password. Enter your password.

  • Click okay when done and you should see this confirmation message if done correctly.

  •  Now when you try to view your saved passwords, it will ask for a master password

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