Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Firefox tips

Firefox: Increase the Page Loading Speed

Firefox is one of the most widely used  browser on the Internet. Mozilla Firefox is open source and it's free, they also have portable browser. It supports all the operating systems like Windows xp,Windows 7, MacOSX, Linux based computers
This trick is based on the concept of HTTP Pipelining. To utilize HTTP Pipelining,what you have to do is to just enable the HTTP pipelining in Firefox because it is disabled by default in Firefox version 3(or in greater version, It may not be supported in older versions, if so then first upgrade your firefox to 4).

Steps To Follow

  • Open Firefox Browser and type about:config in address Bar and hit enter.
  • Now type network.http.pipelining in Filter box.
  • Change the value field of network.http.pipelining, from False to True (By Double Clicking on it).
  • Change the value field of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests from 4 to 8(or more).
  • You may like to change or not in third field,actually it is for servers that uses SSL.If you want then change it to true leave it untouched.
  • Note: Without HTTP Pipelining ,HTTP requests are sent out in successive order i.e one after another but If we use HTTP Pipelining then the request can be sent to the server more quickly that’s why the page loading time will decrease.Therefore the browsing speed will increase and surfing become faster with Firefox browser.

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